This is a list of terms which I may toss about willy-nilly on the blog. It will be updated as necessary.

  • Anti-Feminism
    The best definition I’ve seen was presented at I Blame the Patriarchy, so I’ll shamelessly copy it here.

    From Right Wing Women by Andrea Dworkin:

    Antifeminism is a direct expression of misogyny: it is the political defense of woman hating. This is because feminism is the liberation movement of women. Antifeminism, in any of its political colorations, holds that the social and sexual condition of women essentially (one way or another) embodies the nature of women, that the way women are treated in sex and in society is congruent with what women are, that the fundamental relationship between men and women — in sex, in reproduction, in social hierarchy — is both necessary and inevitable. Antifeminism defends the conviction that the male abuse of women, especially in sex, has an implicit logic, one that no program of social justice can or should eliminate; that because the male use of women originates in the distinct and opposite natures of each which converge in what is called “sex,” women are not abused when used as women — but merely used for what they are by men as men.

  • Cis-whatever
    Cisprivilege, cisgender, cissexual, cistern, cyst. “Cis-” is a prefix misappopriated from Greek by the fun-fems to enforce gender norms in deference to the trans community, specifically trans women. “Cis-” words are used to perpetuate the concept of gender as an innate trait rather than a social construct.

  • Dickwhipped
    The guy blogging at ARP has his issues, but he did coin a grand term with which I’ve fallen in love. In his words, it describes “het men who are so afraid of being rejected and ostracized by other dominant het men, that they come out as antifeminist, as homophobic, as racist, as classist and pro-status quo.”

  • Empowerful
    “I totally slept with a guy I’d just met last night. He used the framework of intimidation and coercion inherent in social interaction between men and women to inform me that he was targeting me for consumption and that he would use alcohol, his friends, and shame to corner me into it. So I told him right off I’d let him use me, before he even got a chance to use his tactics. I was exercising my agency, and it was so empowerfuling! Oops, gotta run – strip cardio’s in fifteen minutes!”

  • Feminism
    This is the doozy, of course, and it’s not a simple one. The operating definition which I’m using at the exact moment I type this, within the context of this blog, is as follows:

    Feminism is an analytical discipline used in the examination of and response to cultural phenomena and rhetorical engagement. Feminism is a movement of women, by women, and for women. Men benefit from feminism, but feminism is not about men.

  • Fun-feminism
    An outgrowth of the “third wave” of feminism, it is at best an attempt to remove responsibility and shame from damaging behaviors and at worst an apologist movement for men, male entitlement, rape, and so forth. Fun-feminism is all the “if it feels good, do it” of the sixties without the accountability, analysis, or awareness to keep the consequences in check; therefore, the consequences are declared to be the problem.

    If fun-feminism were a medical discipline, your doctor would treat your emphysema with cough syrup, then give you a carton of cigarettes and ask you if switching brands might make you feel better.

  • Human Trafficking


    The Polaris Project, the premier anti-trafficking organization in the US (and Japan as well), has an excellent definition. Also superb is the definition provided at Human Trafficking in the ED, which gives a point-by-point breakdown.

    Briefly, trafficking is forcing or coercing someone into sexual activity or labor. It’s exploitation, plain and simple. It frequently involves slavery, but it doesn’t have to – the twelve-year-old girl who lives next door may be forced into prostitution by someone at school during the day, then go home and sleep in her own bed at night.

    I urge you to read this State Department page (it’s short) which will give a few key clues to help you recognize trafficking victims. If you suspect that someone is a trafficking victim – or is involved in trafficking – please call 1-888-3737-888. The hotline operator can guide you through the steps necessary to safely assess the situation and possibly involve authorities.

  • Pornsick
    I wish I knew who came up with this term. It’s 100% accurate. Pornography, porn culture, the general social okay to objectify and dollify women has immediate effects on the brain. With continued exposure, serious dissociative issues result. I am not writing satirically. This is fact. Porn causes sickness, and those who expose themselves are ill.

    Advanced stages of pornsickness are the worst of all, because at that point it is an illness of choice, whereby the user – either a male or a female who has been coerced into pornsickness by males – consciously and actively pursues the gratification they feel from the consumption of women by men.

    Every male in America is pornsick. Even the two or three men who have fought against rape culture from their earliest days. You have to live under a rock to not be bombarded with it daily. Most men – myself included – have experienced advanced pornsickness, by which I mean we have consciously sought out and used pornography. Recovery is no simple task, and is never guaranteed.

    Pornsick people’s attitudes toward women spread outward from them. It is a contagion to some and a toxin to others. Either way, it hurts more than just the sickened individual.

    Pornography cross-correlates heavily with trafficking. That’s a post of its own.

  • Trans-whatever
  • Once again, I defer to my betters, in this case Miska at fabulous fab stuff. To provide my own views on the matter, coming from someone who spent a long time in the third-wave GBT movement (yeah, there isn’t a lot of L in it these days):

    Trans theory states that gender is an inherent, immutable characteristic which transcends social conditioning and which is independent of body or genetics (though frequently trans women claim to have “female brains”, whatever that means). The idea is that men who believe themselves to be female at heart, or brain, or crotch, have the inalienable right to modify their bodies to match what they want to be.

    This stance, of course, means that there are four or so genders which are naturally arising independently of culture – heterosexual man, heterosexual woman, non-heterosexual man, and non-heterosexual woman.

    Further, it has all the hallmarks of male privilege: “I want you to accept me as a woman, despite the fact that the occasional inconveniences which have arisen as a result of my declared trans nature pale in comparison to what it is to grow up assigned as female at birth. And I want to drill a hole in myself, a wound which will never heal and must be constantly penetrated for my very survival. And I want you to equate it with female sex organs, with female sexuality itself. And I want you to absolve me of my perceived male privilege – though of course I never had any, because I are womanz – and allow me into women-only spaces. If my demands are not followed, I will respond with violent rhetoric, I will pitch a hissy fit, and I will claim that you – the oppressed class of all of history – only wish to oppress me.”

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