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Human Trafficking on Craigslist


(Trigger warning, non-graphic, for subject matter involving the sale and rape of minors.)

Craigslist is profiting from human trafficking, and they are unapologetic.

This has been an issue for years, but it came to a media head last week. On Wednesday, August 4, CNN posted this story, followed by a report on AC360. On Friday, August 6, MC and AK, two girls who were sold by pimps hundreds of times on Craigslist to eager rapists in cities across the US, published an open letter as a half-page ad in the Washington Post. (The ad is archived here in PDF form by the Rebecca Project.)

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High School Student Raped After Principal Uses Her as Bait

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s story. Trigger warning, both for the link and for the content of this post.

The breakdown: a girl approaches a teacher, Ms. Esther von Waldow, to report that she and another girl were raped by a boy on campus. Ms. von Waldow goes to the principal, Dr. Michael Ghilani, with her first concern being the girls’ safe passage home from school property. Ghilani had other plans.

According to a court filing submitted by the school district, Dr. Ghilani didn’t believe that the students were in danger or that any safety concerns were present. Instead, he thought students were having consensual sex in school after hours.

He devised a plan to have school police officers follow the students in question to determine who they were and where they were going.

Security followed the girls, but they believed the girls had left for the day, presumably after losing track of the girls. (A night officer saw the boy and another girl on campus that evening, but he was unable to track them down.)

That afternoon, while school cops patted themselves on the back for doing their job, the boy raped Jane Doe again, as a direct result of being prevented from returning home. And all because the principal thought he was Kojak.

As usual, the school took the victim-blaming route in response to the lawsuit brought by the girl, saying that the victims – and these victims include previous victims of harassment and assault by this kid in incidents which were known by the school – were actually all in consensual relationships with the rapist, and that they were jealous of each other. Therefore, since the little tramps deserved it, the school didn’t bother reporting any of this shit to the police.

I want to know why Ghilani isn’t up on criminal charges. He looked at a young rape victim and literally saw jail bait.

The school wants the suit thrown out because “the plaintiffs cannot prove the district was deliberately indifferent to the possibility that the student would be assaulted”.

On the Upper St. Clair High website, Dr. Ghilani invites you to email him personally – – to receive additional information about the school. I wonder if they have a brochure about their Student Rape Program?


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