Update: Hiatus (also, I reveal that I read gamer blogs)

The blog is going on a (hopefully) brief hiatus. Our family will be moving to a madly expensive urban area soon, and there’s lots to be done between now and then. I hope to put in a few quick mini-posts, but regularly-scheduled (ha!) programming won’t resume for a few weeks yet.

In the meantime, I stumbled across a gamer blog which has three anti-doodbro posts in a row. Pretty nifty. Written by a male, which gave me mixed feelings – it’s one more voice among the XY crowd, but I would dearly love to see some female-written gamer blogs with the occasional feminist post. Maybe they’re out there, hidden, waiting to be discovered.

The three posts in question on The Seven-Sided Die, in chronological order:

Paizo’s response to criticism of their portrayal of women
GenCon “reaches out” in the spirit of “inclusiveness”
Satire explained

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